We Worked Hard for the Money

May 29 2019

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Fished Cash on Memorial Day - Thanks to all who served to allow that to happen.   Four of us fished - fellow member Chris Casner, his friend John Hoover my 17 year old son Cody and me.  We ended up with 66 bass total plus 2 huge catfish (6 or 7 pounds) caught on the fly and a few bream.  Most all of the fish caught were solid fish 2.5 pounds and up with only a very few cull sized fish.  Youth won out over age and Cody was the high point man with 21 bass landed and the big fish of the day with a 5.6.   The fish were there and fought very hard when hooked but we had to work for them.  The water here only has about a foot or less visibility. Cody caught a lot with a punch rig in the two spots with lilly pads and we all caught some along the edges.  The concrete boat ramp at the far end of the lake gave up 2 really nice bass (4 pounds or so) and the two large cats.  The lagoon gave up about 10 bass out in front of the feeder and we also caught a few off the dock kinda throwing out into the middle.  Senkos, creature baits, punch rigs and crank baits seemed to do the most good and the fly rod picked up some nice bass on a black wooly bugger and one on top with a mouse fly.  We caught good quality fish but had to work for them.  This lake has some great bass in it and has the best quality/quantity ratio I’ve seen - we caught lots of fish and they were all good sized but no giants and very few cull sized fish.  The facilities at this place are absolutely top shelf.  Great day on the water.