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May 30 2019 #1

Jim Bennett


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Boatwright Lake, Kennard

10+ at Boatwright!! 5 24 19

…10+ inchers that is….This was half day 1 of our 4 day Memorial weekend trip to Crockett area lakes, my 11 YO son and I.  We fished 4 lakes in total, each a little different. Boatwright is a gorgeous clear water lake laid out perfectly for bass.  I spoke to the owner, and he is frustrated with its current situation, loaded with dink bass and no one seems interested in the 1+ pound bluegill. The BG fillets are bigger than the avg bass.

He encouraged fly fishers to bring their poppers and wooly buggers.  At end of day we dropped crappie jigs doped with slim jim grease and caught monster bluegill all around the gazebo. Kept a couple that went 1.25 lbs.

As far as the bass fishing we started at midday, and did well with most all of the usual arsenal, senkos, chatter, poppers.   Only one bass at 16” released, the rest were 35 culls at 10-13”.  Interesting thing, I caught a small “black bass” which was the blackest bass I have ever seen (see picks below).  It was only 9” long but so unique we tossed it back.  Has anyone ever seen such a bass?

Very nice lake with great structure, has been overrun with dink bass but has some massive bluegill that can be caught readily on a “cornfly” or slim jim nibbles.  Very enjoyable lake to fish.

Blackest bass ever:

Cull at Boatwright

1.25 lb bluegill

May 30 2019 #2

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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I caught two with that whole-body coloration last year at Black Jack in Giddings. Both were less than a pound like yours.  This appears different than when you find larger bass with black backs (reportedly due to a shaded habitat).


May 30 2019 #3

Steve Alexander


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Hi Jim,

It was nice to catch up with you on the phone today. But, I wanted to remind all members that we do not remove Bluegill from our lakes. The purpose of harvesting bass is so that we have more bluegill for the remaining bass to eat. Although virtually no bass could eat a 1.25 bluegill, bluegill this size are generally terrific spawners; creating lots of baby bluegill, which in turn feed the bass. Well fed bass, grow to bigger bass. And our fisherman like to catch big bass. So, lets leave the bluegill in our lakes. 





May 30 2019 #4

Steve Alexander


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The bass that was unusually black is what we call melanistic. Although rare it happens with animals and fish. On rare occasions there have been all white or all black animals and fish. Generally melanistic bass have black patches, that does not cover the entire fish. I have seen it only a handful of times. I can't really tell by the photo, but my guess is that this fish has melanistic characteristics. 


May 30 2019 #5

Jim Bennett


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Steve, understood on not taking the bluegill, but in this case the owner asked me (and others) to take some.  So we only took two out of dozens.  Wont take any more.  


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