Stormy day at Signal Ranch

Jun 01 2019

Al Burns


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What started out as a perfect day on May 29th turned nasty just after lunch. The fish were shallow right against the bank under the thick algae mat that surrounds the perimeter of the bank. There is very little visibility and the North end of the lake had an intense algae bloom going on. The best area for the morning was the mid section of the lake on the East side. Working in a foot or two of water consistently produced fish. All the fish caught ranged between two and a half to four pounds. They were perhaps the healthiest looking fish I've caught this season. I honestly didn't see one skinny fish. The fish I caught looked like they had been to the all you can eat buffet and went back for more. They were definitely the hardest fighting bass this season. The fish were most aggresive in the way they picked up the soft plastics and took off. I had caught and released 22 bass by noon and took some time for lunch but was never able to get back out on the water due to the tornado alerts and monster rainstorm and lightning. My wife had planned on going out with me until she saw the weather report for the day. I wish I could have hit this place on a better weather day and been able to fish the whole day.