Humbled at Indian Hollow

Jun 09 2019

Jim Bennett

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 21475
Property Name : Indian Hollow Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/08/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 < 14"
Lures Used : senkos, various


After an excellent day before at 9G, I must admit we were humbled by the fish at Indian Hollow.  The lake is gorgeous and crystal clear as advertised, and I know many have done well at this lake in the past.  Did not happen for us all day, started 6am gave up at 430pm.  We had a surprisingly low number of strikes all day, and most were 6-10” dinks.  We culled a total of 12 fish out of the lake, none over 14”, and caught/released 3 more at 15” from the upper small pond cabin dock.

We tried all techniques, shallow, deep, in moss, away from moss, fast, slow, senkos, poppers, jigs, drop shot, bg spawn beds.  Also copied reports that worked in the past. Nada on any sizeable fish.  I am thinking crystal clear water (10+ft vis), with high pressure, no wind, and glassy calm made for more fishing and less catching.  I also trolled the open water looking for shad on side sonar and did not see any fish at all.

Note about the launch here.  If there has been even so much as a heavy dew, this steep little launch gets very slippery. The other one doesn’t look any better with more holes, and overgrown.  I nearly slid my suburban into the lake with the weight of my 17 ft Plano G3 pulling me down the barely moist red clay hill. Brakes were useless until the boat started floating and I thankfully stopped sliding. I was finally able to 4WD maneuver onto some rocks and climb out without the trailer, but it was not easy. After the sun baked the clay all day, I pulled out in the afternoon without even spinning a tire.  I don’t recommend launching a heavier boat here unless that clay is bone dry and hard.