Jones Lake 6/13/19

Jun 13 2019

Joe V. Smith


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Reservation Number : 21574
Property Name : Jones Lake
Reservation Date : 06/13/2019 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10 2 lbs
Lures Used : lizard,tx rig worm

 Fished the morning of 6/13/19 with another member. Between us we caught 10 bass and 6 very large bluegill.We used lizards,frogs,flukes ,wacky worms and TX rig worms. Nothing stood out as being much better than anything else. Something on one thing and then a bass on something else.

The lake is in good shape as far as clarity and not to much weed growth

The owner said to use white flukes because of the tilapia put in the lake.We did not have any.