Gone with the wind

Jun 16 2019

Andrew Schoonover


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Reservation Number : 21552
Property Name : Fox Lake
Reservation Date : 06/15/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1
Lures Used : Senko

This was my 2nd lake of the day. Thrallveston was my first. I got hammered by the wind there so not only blew through the battery provided at the property I also blew threw 3/4 of the extra battery I brought with me. Was praying for a better wind condition at Fox. Didn’t happen. It was worse. 35mph wind gusts that felt sustained. Literally waves coming in over the side of the boat. I tried anchoring but the wind so bad that I couldn’t get the anchor to stick. I gave up after an hour w only 1 fish. One of those frustrating days... Happy Father’s Day to all.