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Jul 05 2019 #1

Ron Wood


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Rock Creek: La Roca Range, Santo

Hot day/hot fishing

We fished Rock Creek July 5th. The lake was beautiful, calm surface on the water. We both caught fish standing on the bank before dropping the boat into the water. We were grinning like little kids in a candy store. My partner caught another big cull in the trees as we left the bank. We worked our way down the shore picking up one here and there, no real pattern just scattered fish. When we got way back in the tail end we switched lures and I was throwing a black w/chartreuse ribbon tail, the brim went on the warpath. At one point I caught 3 brim in a row trying to devour a 8” worm. My partner had switched over to a chrome rattletrap and was plumbing the depths, and was having some success. The smaller fish were up in the skinny water and the bigger ones on the break where it went from 4-5-6’ to 18-20’. The best fish were out in deeper water. Total for the day— 22 blacks with 18 culls. 6 large brim and a great time. Ron




Jul 11 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for removing the smaller bass. We added 10,000 shad to this lake in May. Trying to grow some big fish in this lake. We need to harvest 300 fish from this lake in 2019. Thanks for helping!!!!



Jul 11 2019 #3

Ron Wood


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That explains why the bass were attacking a white chatterbait and a chrome rattletrap. All the fish were in great shape and you knew it when they hit. My partner lost his best fish of the day (rattletrap) in the trees straight in front of the launch area in the heat of the day it had to be a 5+. Water temps were 85* in the skinny water to 82* by the trees by the dam. Ohhh, you’ve got Turkeys roosting in the trees across the lake from the launch . I think we woke them up they were loudly voicing their protests.




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