6/6/19 Henderson West

Jul 06 2019

Harrison Papaila


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Reservation Number : 21652
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: West Lake
Reservation Date : 07/06/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13/culls
Lures Used : Various

fished Henderson west today for about half a day. Hot, humid, and pretty still. Culled 11 bass, only 1 of which was a dink. The other 10 were 15-16 inches and healthy. Only other 2 bass were 3 pounders. The two larger ones came in deep water on a c-rig and jig. All the other bass were hugging trees. Almost every stump had a bass on it. Throw a Senko at anything resembling timber and you can catch healthy bass all day. Went looking for big ones deep but never found them. No vegetation in the lake, but a beautiful property.