Boswell fishing well

Jul 16 2019

Steve Alexander


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 I should fish more than I do but I spend most of my time fishing with an electrofishing boat instead of a rod and reel.

 A friend of mine bought a ranch just outside of Boswell so we decided to fish for a few hours before I got the tour of his new place. I’m glad we made the brief stop at Boswell Indian Hollow.

We left Frisco at 4:00 AM and arrived at Indian Hollow just after 6:00 AM. First lure hit about 6:30 and we had a 15 fish within the first 30 minutes. All but two were dinks. The other two were 1.5 to 2 lbs. We caught these on a bone colored whopper plopper and a chatterbait with a lake fork magic shad trailer. I felt like we could have caught 30 more small ones over the next hour. But, we wanted to try for some bigger fish and I thought the bigger ones would be deep. So we headed to the Beaver dam at the main point of the two biggest fingers of the lake. My buddy picked up a 5.2 at the beaver dam. This area is likely my favorite spot on the whole lake. We picked up 5 or 6 more fish here. Most were under pound and a half. Moved out a bit and Carolina rigged for an hour picking up another 5 or so 2 lbers in 15 foot of water. Fished to the two arms a bit fast with Texas rigged creature baits picking up a few fish in the timber.

We headed toward the dam and found another nice drop off with water hitting 18 foot just 30 feet offshore. My second cast I stuck a 6.4 on a Texas rigged bama bug colored creature bait. We needed to be gone by 10:00 AM so we worked a chatter bait and wacky senko on the opposite side, picking up a few small ones.

Finished the morning with 3.5 hours of fishing with 26 fish harvested and released 6 others. Both boat ramps are a bit steep and I would recommend 4WD and a light boat. Anything larger than a jon boat/plastic boat might be problematic.

Jul 16 2019

Tom Dillon


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Sounds like a very nice way to spend 4 hours of a July morning, Steve. Glad you finally got a chance to do some 'reel' fishing.