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Jul 27 2019 #1

William Fetech


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Brushy Creek Lake, Kyle

Morning at Brushy Creek

Fished Brushy Creek the morning of July 25th. Caught 8 and missed 3-4 due to poor hook set. 


Most were in the 2-3 lb range. No real pattern, but top Water produced nothing. 


Caught about half on shallow diving cranks and the others on a unweighted senko with a spinner tail. 


On my second trip around, I tried a chatter bait on a point and something hit it as the lure struck the water. It felt like a good size as it was trying to get back into cover. I maneuvered it out to clear water and still did not have it up. I played it for a minute or two ready to let some drag out when it saw the kayak and ran. When I finally got it to the surface, it was a catfish. It had taken both hooks, one in the upper jaw and one on the lower.  It took some time to get the hooks out. 


Water level is about a foot low. 


Water temp was 80. 


Good morning on the water. 


Bill Fetech 


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