Leinweber 07/27/2019

Jul 30 2019

Jason Owens


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Reservation Number : 21701
Property Name : Lake Leinweber
Reservation Date : 07/27/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30+ fish up to 9.75lb
Lures Used : Wacky Senko, Lipless Crank, Rapla DT-6, TX Rig craws and creatures

Fished Leinweber on 7/27 with a guest (my brother Nick).  We were on the water around 7am.  We didn't have any luck on top water although bass were jumping 3ft out of the water to eat dragonflies and we even watched one try to eat a small snake.  The snake got away.  On my first trip to this lake in early June I couldn't get them to eat anything other than a wacky rigged senko but they ate it all day long.  This trip the bite was a little different.  We couldn't get them dialed in on any one particular technique.  We caught them on a little bit of everything.  I had more big bites on my last trip, but this time out our best 5 came in a little under 24lbs anchored by a 9lb 12oz kicker that my brother caught on a wacky rigged Big Bites baits senko.  I believe the color was Watermelon Magic.  It happened around 2pm.  By that point we had given up on looking for bigger fish in the deeper water and were just fishing the east side of the lake in the patchy grass.  We were getting consistent bites there, but mostly small fish.  He threw into the same area where we had caught a couple of smaller fish, but this time the big girl decided to take it.  We had just about everything going wrong for us when it came to landing it.  No net, the anchor rope was in the way, the boat was facing the wrong direction... But with a team effort we were able to land her even with the odds stacked against us.  This fish was a new PB for him.  Oddly enough, he has a lake house on Toledo Bend and fishes there almost every weekend, but now his PB is on a PWF lake.  I am the PWF member, but my PB is on Toledo Bend.  Im sure it will change this spring as I plan to return to this lake during the spawn. 

Other notable catches included a 4lb 6oz on a shad colored lipless crank near one of the standing trees.  A 3lb 8oz on a DT6 near the creek channel.  And a 3lb that was really long and skinny that spit up 2 different colored senkos while fighting her to the boat.  It probably did her some good to vomit up the senkos to make room in her stomach for real food. 

All in all, it was a great day.  I really enjoy visiting this part of Texas.  I will be back to this lake in the spring and hopefully try another one of the San Antonio area lakes on that same trip. 

P.S.  I can't figure out how to rotate the photos so you will just have to turn your head to the left.

Jul 31 2019

Jim Bennett

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Excellent fish Jason. Well done teamwork!

I used to have this annoying problem with pics. To load the pics upright, in the step just before you upload the picture to the PWF server, right click on the file, open with Paint or any other photo tool.  If it is upright, click Save, close (X out), and continue with the upload.  If it needs rotation, rotate as needed, then Save, close, and continue.  This "Save" step adds a stamp to the file to let the server know the correct orientation.  If you want you can edit your post and try to reload these great pics using this process.  Let me know if you have problems. 

Looks like a great day of fishing.