Very slow day so close to a new moon

Jul 31 2019

H.G. Lehman III


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Fished Leinweber on Monday July 29 all day.

Started about 7:30 and fished till after noon.

Caught few fish, mostly culls, and none over 2 pounds.

Caught on Texas rigged soft plastics, including lizards, senkos.

Most caught on green pumpkin 6" lizard.

Tried un-weighted flukes, rage tail craws, Z-craws, and others to no avail.

Went to lunch as the bite was nil.

Began fishing again about 4 p.m and fished till almost dark.

Dr. Proctor caught a 4.5 lb bass on a Texas rigged senko between 6:30 and 7.

Began to see activity around edge of grass increase.

I hooked about a 3 pounder a little later but he got off.

The Doc caught another 4 pounder around 7:45 and the rest were all under 2 pounds.

We culled 9.  The raccons had a decent supper.

Don't know what those guys did on the 5th to catch what they reported.

Water temp was well below the 85 degrees reported on the 5th.  We did not have a thermometer but I do not believe it was above 80.

Will wait til after hunting season to return to Leinweber.