Saturday, Aug 10th - Angel Lake, Abbott (good half day for August)

Aug 11 2019

Mark Daugherty


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Reservation Number : 21940
Property Name : Angel Lake
Reservation Date : 08/10/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20 / up to 2lb 15oz
Lures Used : Fluke, Senko, Frog, Paddletail Swimbait, Squarebill

Wife and I fished Angel on Saturday morning from around 6:30 to around 12:30. Angel's fishable area is reduced to around 50% of its size because of heavy surface vegetation, but still a very fun little lake. As has been stated, easy access, mown entry, can park very close to launch - and the owner had the gate open and the boat in the water - thank you, thank you! Angel has a good population of 2 to 3 lbers (or we caught the same ones - which is fine with me!) as per good management and harvesting. Water had a great color and clarity to 3ft - I didn't check the temp or bother with my fish finder - but was probably high 80's. The fish were active early in the AM, but we couldn't quite match the hatch, nevertheless we landed 20 and harvested 3 that we around 12''-13''. The remaining were all between 2 and 3 lbs. The larger ones were pretty long and lean - maybe just because of the season. They were all good, healthy fighters. Baits that worked - basically you are dealing with shallow water and lots of vegetation - so weedless plastics - in green pumpkin, watermelon, and baby bass. The floating frog was pretty fun - I had several blow-ups but I think I only boated one of those. it was one of those where he came up from a few feet deep and launched himself straight up threw the frog and into the air - haha - so cool.