Poor awesome day at Hawg Trough

Aug 17 2019

Larry Maupin


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Reservation Number : 21967
Property Name : Hawg Trough Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/16/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 - 4.5 pounds
Lures Used : tried many but best was a TR 5" pumpkinseed Senko

We braved a heat wave to fish Hawg Trough. Bass Forecast said FAIR for the day - slow presentations of creature baits and stick baits near ledges and creek beds - that turned out to be fairly close to what we experienced. 

Got whooped by the heat and the bass, except for two.  Fished from first light - two topwater blowups early but no fish in the boat. Was surprised that the topwater bite was so slow. Fished hard until 10:30 without a bite. Finally connected between the third and fourth telephone poles to land a beautiful well fed 4.5 pounder. 

Broke for lunch around 1 to cool off and hydrate. Back out around 2 and immediately connected again in the same area - set the hook and broke the line at the hook. (new 15# fleurocarbon and Palomar knot) She jumped on the hookset again about 10 seconds later! She came completely out of the water shaking her huge head - I guess still thinking she was hooked, which she was sort of. She was huge, easily 9 pounds, possible more. I've seen 2 nines, a 10 and an 11, and she was in that size class. 

The heat got the best of us so we left around 3.

So it was a tough day and an amazing day all in one. Looking forward to fishing there again.