"Hot water and a cold bite"

Aug 20 2019

David May

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Reservation Number : 21989
Property Name : SW Lake
Reservation Date : 08/20/2019 All Day -
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Lures Used : everything I had!

Well, I got skunked today at SW Lake/Weston. I had a change in schedule that let me get away unexpectedly to fish and, even knowing we were in a very hot stretch of weather, I chose to go to Weston. I love the lake and fish it often but I know that it is slow in summer and has virtually no shade. So enough excuses.

I launched at 6:45 with air temp 84 and the water temp 88 degrees. I quit (gave up) at 1:30 with the air temp 100 and the water temp 93 degrees! The lake is a foot low and the water murky with visibility about 12 inches. The sky was blue with cotton balls for clouds and there was no wind until about 8:30 when a gentle westerly wind made the fishing quite tolerable. 

Because of the dropping water level and high water temperature I decided to make a quick survey electronically of the lake and, to no ones surprise, the only fish to be found were suspended at the 8 foot or so level in the central "channel" with the brush piles devoid of fish and nothing in water less than 5 feet deep. 

I gave a half hearted topwater cast or two and went directly to the deeper fish. I tried every lure I had including worms and creatures fished on the bottom and "yo-yo"ed up to the fish, swimbaits of every size and color, lipless crank's, chatterbaits, jigs with trailers, spinnerbaits, jigging spoons (which I never use I must admit). I tried every retrieve imaginable and even made up some new ones, all without success. 

I finally "gave up" and went home as I had run out of ideas and was clearly in the "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" definition of insanity mode. 

A couple of other observations. First, there is almost no vegetation in the water, shallow or deep. Second, I have a short memory and will certainly go back again and again!

Aug 20 2019

Mark Daugherty


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LIKED…"I have a short memory and will certainly go back again and again!"