Hill Country Ranch

Aug 24 2019

Michael Mozier


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Reservation Number : 22006
Property Name : Hill Country Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/24/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13, well under 14"
Lures Used : Lizzard, Fly

Water is about 4' down, clear, and 84 degrees. Caught 13, culled 13. Had nothing over a pound. I have yet to come away from this property with some kind of experience that just makes this place memorable. Today started off extremely humid, and very cloudy. There was rain before I arrived at about 7:00 AM. Believe it or not, I caught a 4 lb. Catfish on a Fly! I got into something big that was running all over the place. Couldn't believe it when I finally saw what it was. I would never have imagined a Catfish would take a Fly. Always a good day on the Lake.