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Aug 26 2019 #1

Marshall Hogue


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Lake Leinweber, Dunlay

Lake Leinweber

My wife and I fished Leinweber on Saturday morning 8/24 from 7 am till 10:30 am. We boated 20 small bass and kept them.

We probably had another 15 or more on the worm but they did not have the hook in mouth. My wife would reel them all the way to boat with them putting up a real good fight and then the worm would just come flying back with hook still buried in the worm. Guess they had the worm in mouth real good but not the hook, still put up good fights wanting it. They were pretty hungry.

I caught a couple on crankbait and then at end of morning hooked a 26" - 4 1/2# beauty on the crankbait. It had a huge mouth but no belly at all. Should have been a lot heavier with the length.

I spent most of the time working trolling motor to keep my wife in position to catch fish. She had a blast and as we were leaving she asked when we were going to another lake. Love fishing with my wife.

The lake is fishable for only about a 3rd of it, in the middle.

The banks are covered by thick grass and the opposite side from dam is about 100 yards from bank to edge of grass. Needs rain real bad.

Nice secluded lake and saw lots of deer, skunks and hawks while driving in as sun was just starting to come up.

Hope to get to some of the other lakes around San Antonio in the future.


Aug 26 2019 #2

Tom Wright


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I HOPE Marshall that the worms you spoke of were not live bait.  If so you will have to review the rules of the club.  Good luck on the lakes.


Aug 26 2019 #3

Marshall Hogue


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Plastics as always.


Aug 29 2019 #4

Steve Alexander


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I might offer 4 different reasons why the hook did not penetrate the fishes mouth. 

1) Hook set was not strong enough

2) Hook was not sharp

3) Using a heavy wire hook. (Most Owner hooks are considered heavy wire hooks vs many Gamakatsu hooks which is generally lighter wire hooks). Light wire hooks are easier to penetrate, but can also bend easier.

4) The hook is too small or not the right shape for the size plastic. 

If I had to guess, the hook you are using is too small. I have no idea what size worm or the shape of the worm used, but you may need to consider a wide gap hook or a larger 4/0, 5/0 round bend/straight shank hook. There could be other factors, like stretchy monofilament line or rods that are not stiff enough. A whole myriad of factors come into play. 


Aug 29 2019 #5

Marshall Hogue


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All of those had a bearing on the lost fish. Mostly it was my Wife’s fishing skills. I spent most of the time keeping boat by weed lines and from turning in circles, it got windy fast, and trying to fish at same time. She caught 3 to my one. She is still learning and I am getting very good at having patience and helping her learn. She fishes fast and I fish very slow. She does out catch me most of time. She was moving bait fast and I think small fish were latching on behind hook and swimming with it. 2/0 with my hand poured 7” curly tail worms. They are real soft and easy to get hooksets. I always tell her to set the hook and she is getting much better, especially with her casting. She still loves fishing, catching or not. The property was very cool at daybreak, lots of wildlife.       








Aug 29 2019 #6

Steve Carpenter


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Great that your wife loves to fish and you have the patience to work with her. Great job.



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