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Aug 29 2019 #1

Harrison Papaila


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Triple J Ranch, Ferris

Quick Triple J Trip 8/29/19

Reservation Number : 22047
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/28/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1. 2lbs
Lures Used : fluke

Snuck away from 4-6pm yesterday to fish Triple J. With rain the past couple days and thunder in the background while fishing the hottest part of the day, the conditions probably weren't ideal. Expectedly, I did not catch many fish and spent the majority of the time on the water graphing looking for fish. Just wanted to post a quick review regarding the water condition. 87 degrees and down to a few inches of visibility of varying shades of brown and green. The water resembled an old-school camouflage pattern w/well-defined edges where the water would change shades of brown and green. Perhaps a recent fertilization or excess ag runoff from the rains? A weightless fluke around the launch area prevented me from getting skunked. I really like Triple J and will certainly be back.
Aug 29 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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I have not seen the water since May, but likely the lake is fluctuating from a phyto-plankton bloom (Green water) to a zoo-plankton bloom (brown water). This is a good thing and healthy lakes like Triple J will change back and forth several times from April to November. Phytoplankton is a plant based alagea (99% not harmful) an zoo Plankton is animal based. Plankton is the base of the food chain, feeding invertebrates, crustaceans, bugs, insects, worms etc. In turn these things feed bluegill and other bait fish. The bluegill then feed the bass. As a general rule, lakes that are very fertile (lots of plankton) grow big fish. 



Aug 29 2019 #3

Harrison Papaila


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Good to know. Thanks Steve


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