Saturday, Aug 31st - Pecan Springs Ranch, Waxahachie (bunch a little guys and one good one!)

Sep 02 2019

Mark Daugherty


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Wife and I had a lot of fun at Pecan Springs on Saturday.  We were just west of the dark clouds and storms but benefited from clouds, light rain, a light breeze, and cooler temps for August.  Lake is healthy, a foot and a half or two feet low based on water mark in the trees.  Surface temp at 85* and about 3 ft viz.  A pretty good weedline forming, at least for this lake.  We landed a number of fish - 44 counting 1 bluegill and a 4lb channel cat (on an underspin).  Of those, three were around 2lbs, and one was a 6lb 6oz healthy beauty all the rest were dinks up to "small", LOL.  Primarily a green pumpkin senko kind of day - a couple on sm paddle tail swimbait, and one of the 2lbers on an underspin with a blue gill flash swimbait trailer.  I'd say most luck was 2/3 of the way down the lake towards the south end and along the west side, south of the pier.  Great secluded, well-maintained escape of a property.