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Sep 04 2019 #1

Wayne Pruitt


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

Pruitt Brother (No Brothers) - Plenty of Numbers on a Great PWF Lake

Date: Saturday 8/31/19

Fish Caught: 65

Fish Culled: 20

Successful Bait: KVD Bubble Gum

I had to do it. Felt the need to wet a hook and big brother was not available, so I took my girlfriend. She cooked me crispy bacon at the waters edge and even caught a few fish herself. A great day all in all. KVD Bubble Gum was all they wanted. Z Craw was a non factor which is unusual. Wish I had a big fish photo to attach but I don't. Wayne obviously must be present for us to catch big fish!!!!!!!!!! The owner was very pleasant and kind. Always enjoy seeing him when we fish his place. 

Maybe Wayne will slow down enough to get out soon and re-spark the Pruitt Brothers MOJO with a big fish photo. 

Until Next Time - Signing Out - Phil Pruitt


Sep 04 2019 #2

Scott Porto


Member Since : 2018
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Did you fish the back lake at all? If you did how was the grass back there?





Sep 05 2019 #3

Wayne Pruitt


Member Since : 2017
Number of Posts : 79


I did fish briefly at the small back lake. Lots of vegetation and no bites at all. After seeing that it was not active, I moved back up to the big lake where I could work on catching numbers. My brother and I caught around 100 fish in half of a day the first time we fished at Hickory Creek and most of those fish averaged 3 to 4 pounds each with a few bigger fish in there. We have fished it since a couple of times to have no luck at all. Not sure why we did so well and now no cigar. 


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