Hot and Windy

Sep 22 2019

Stephen Johnston


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Reservation Number : 22141
Property Name : Indian Cave: La Roca Range
Reservation Date : 09/21/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 27/.7-3.5
Lures Used : Spook, Whopper Plopper, TX rig worms and creature baits, Swim Bait, Chatter Bait, Fluke, Underspin, Rattle trap

My son and I fished Indian Cave yesterday.  First off this is a beautiful property.  The lake is large and fishes even larger with a lot of timber.  We fished sunrise to sunset and it was a long day.  It was hot and the wind was blowing 15-20 mph.  Because of the wind we were unable to fish the main body of the lake (by the dam and boat launch).  We tried but got hammered by the wind.  We spent most of the day fishing the timber up the creek that feeds the lake.  There we were able to anchor and have some shelter from the wind.  We tried a little bit of everything but never got in a consistent rhythm.  We had our best success fishing TX rigs using either a worm or creature bait in watermelon red flake.  

The majority of the fish we caught were culls but when you are culling 16" and below you are culling some pretty nice fish.  Many of the fish we culled were fat and several had shad sticking out of their mouths.  We feel we could have had a better day if we didn't have the strong wind.  If you fish this property you need heavy line and make sure you have plenty of gear.  We tore through a lot of soft plastics, weights and hooks.