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Sep 24 2019 #1

Joe V. Smith

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Property :
Alysha Ranch, Clarksville

Alysha Ranch 9/23/19

Reservation Number : 22131
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/23/2019 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 41 13" to 3 lbs
Lures Used : worms & rattle trap

Fished with another member for half a day Monday.Clarity was ok for 12 " which is standard for this lake, which is almost always murky.

We caught 41 bass and four crappie,of the bass 11 were removed with only one fish less than 13" and the largest was 3 lbs. All the bass were very fat and the crappie were huge.The average bass was 16 1/2 inches.

We used tx rigged worms,wacky worms & weightless worms to catch 65% of the fish and a rattle trap to catch the other 35%.The best colors were watermelon seed, watermelon red and cotton candy

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