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Oct 07 2019 #1

Mark Daugherty

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Backside of the Moon Lake, Bowie

Saturday, Oct 5th - Back Side of the Moon, Bowie (first time out there, fun adventure)

Great to see several fishing reports coming in - means the weather must be cooling!  Wife and I ventured out to Back Side of the Moon for the first time.  So glad this property is in the club.  As everyone has stated - it's out there and the drive in is "entertaining" and actually it was a lot of fun.  Saturday was still hot - mid 90's, water temp 77 to 80 - slight breeze/very manageable.  Water clarity at the usual 8''.  We managed to land 25 including one slab crappie and a few nice bass - topped off with a 6lb 7oz and a 5lb 14oz.  Also, a 4 and three in the 3's.  A couple around 2, and the rest "lbers".  Best luck on white paddle tail swimbait and sexy shad lipless - fish were generally 5-7 FOW relating to the large rocks.  The 6-7 was a football and almost albino - presumably a combo of the tubid water and she was right on the bottom in 7 FOW - maybe been there a long time!  Pics of the bigger one and a double - which is always super fun.


Oct 07 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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You are correct. The bass are white in color, because of the turbidity in the water. When the water is very clear, the bass are generally very dark. 


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