Fun day chasing the bass blowing up on shad.

Oct 13 2019

Jeff Cavitt


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Reservation Number : 22161
Property Name : Yates Place
Reservation Date : 10/12/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 18 Bass up to 3+ lbs
Lures Used : Wacky Rig/T-Rig Worms and Crankbaits

First 3 hours were slow with catching about 1 bass per hour. From 12:45 PM to 2 PM the bass were blowing up on Shad. Throwing a lipless crankbait or a segmented shallow diving crankbait in shad pattern is what worked the most. They were blowing up the shad in the middle of the lake and over around the sucken tree near the island. Smaller fish near the island. Worming the north side of the lake and at the damn also produced. Both wacky rigs and T-Rigs worked. 7" black and blue Bass Pro Tournament Stik-O and 10.5" ZOOM Red Shad worms worked well.

Got to speak a couple of times with Mr. Yates. 

Didn't catch any bigger than 3.5 Lbs, but it was a fun day.