It was a two anchor, post frontal day at Pecan Gap

Oct 16 2019

David May

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 22297
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 10/16/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3, 16"-18"
Lures Used : senko, fluke, wacky rig

I fished Pecan Gap this afternoon from noon to 6 pm or so. It was a post front day, a bit chilly at 53 degrees with a 12 mph north wind as I launched the boat. By evening, the temperature was up to 65 and the wind had died away leaving a gorgeous evening. In fact, as I was motoring across the lake to dock and come home, a buck pranced across the dam from the east. Stopping, he eyed me for a moment, then sauntered into the field north of the lake.

The water was clear and 67 degrees, scattered high clouds and the north wind I mentioned above. I had three takers today, a TR trick worm, GP, a wacky rigged watermelon candy and a GP super fluke. None of the fish hit the lure, they were just "on". The largest fish, 18" was one of the tagged fish in the lake.