Slow and windy

Oct 17 2019

Larry Maupin


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Reservation Number : 22306
Property Name : Slaughter Lake
Reservation Date : 10/17/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 dink
Lures Used : Senko

The wife and I fished from 1PM to 5PM. Only landed one dink. Used super flukes, magnum flukes, Senkos in pumpkinseed and red shad, Whopper Plopper 75, spinner baits and chatter baits. Senkos in pumpkinseed is the only bait that got any action. Got 5 strikes but for some reason could only land one. One really nice fish broke off on the hookset - UGH! My son and I had a great outing there in late May. What a difference 5 months makes. LOL

The lake is 1-2 feet low making my favorite area unfishable, and it's a bit muddy looking due to recent rains and catfish in the lake - visibility about a foot. Water temps from 65-68°. Partly cloudy with winds gusting to about 15 MPH. The launch area had been mowed not long ago so launching our little boat by hand was no problem.

We'll have to try it again in spring when its full.