Beaver Lake? Well .....

Oct 20 2019

Jack Crisler


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Reservation Number : 22302
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 10/18/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 Bass, 3 Bream, largest 2.5 lbs All released
Lures Used : Plastics, Jerk Baits, Frogs, Top Water Popper, Spinner

Just to set expectations, Beaver Lake is a farm pond. Right now, it is down about 5 feet. The deepest part of this pond that I could find was 5 and a half feet deep. Vegetation covers the entire pond, so you are fishing top water or weedless.  I arrived a bit later than I wanted, 0830 and almost left after 30 minutes because of the conditions, but hung in there, it is a peaceful place. Because the lake is down, and the local cattle had tenderized the shore, you can't launch the john boat from the bank. I suggest you attach a lead rope and pull it to the dock. I also suggest you pull your trolling motor up and push off from the dock if you fish this pond before the water levels return. I spent a lot of time pulling vegetation off my trolling motor prop. It is just everywhere from the bottom to the water's surface with a few areas where you have about 2 feet of clearance. Water was 62 degrees and average depth was 3.5 feet. Early success on a suspended jerk bait where I fished the gaps between vegetation and with a texas rigged fluke (Shad) through the weeds. Caught 4 between 1.5 and 2.5. After a two hour lull, I started throwing a top water popper and immediately started catching the balance of bass and three bream (which seemed to be the bait fish in this pond). Caught 14, including 3 bream in the 4 hours I was there.