Fall 2019 Cody Ranch Group Trip Thread - Great Time

Oct 21 2019

Bob Scheidemann

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Nice Accommodations - Great Comradery - Great Selection of Fishing Lakes = Great Time

This was my second time partaking in the Group Trip hosted by Zach and I can report that I had an awesome time! Fished all of the tanks (except Mooshine) over 2.5 days and caught 58 LMB (culled 14) with my largest three at 4.1, 3.8 and 3.7.

Most of my success was had at Upper Hart fishing out of my kayak and the Lodge lake from the bank, with Crabgrass, the Twins, and Lower Hart also contributing!

Well worth the long trip up from Htown! Highly recommend to those who have not experienced this fine property!

I was lucky enough the chat with Mr. Cody for 15min or so while fishing Crabgrass, and I thanked him for letting us fish this piece of heaven!

Really enjoyed the group of guys that attended last weekend's trip and I can't wait to return for one of the group trips to Cody next year!