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Oct 21 2019 #1

John Jones


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Dogwood Lakes Estate: West Lake, Henderson

Dogwood West Lake

Fished Friday all day with my Father. Clear skies all day had us throwing Spinnerbaits and wacky worms. Wacky worms worked next to the stumps and spinnerbaits worked right up next to the bank. Not much luck by the dam but the main point of the lake produced the most and biggest fish. If you look at the lake from above, you'll know what point i am talking about. Caught a total of 20 fish. Removed 3 that were just under 16". Caught four 5 pounders, and the rest were between 3 and 4 pounds. All fish caught were fatties! And they fought like they were way bigger than they actually were! Great fun!

As we were loading up, the owner, Rocky stopped by to chat with us. What a nice guy to speak to about fishing and his property. This is becoming one of my favorites in the club.

It was a perfect day fishing with my dad!!


Oct 21 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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4 five pounders. Awesome!


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