Laneville: Fishing Challenge

Oct 21 2019

Roderick Alford


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Took my brother and nephew to back up lake for a competitive fishing challenge.

We arrived at first light, were in the water soon after and all fished from the same boat, which was actually comfortable. My brother landed the first fish of the day which set the tone for the rest of the day. My nephew caught the second fish of the day and they had both caught 3 more before I even had a bite. I thought it was my fishing position in the boat because I had the middle seat and felt trapped between them. After they both caught a few more fish I finally caught my first fish.

I threw my entire tackle box, even the pink senkos with no luck. Just like the Pruitt brothers fishing trip, my brothers lure continued to produce strikes and catch fish, while my nephew and I continued to struggle. My brother offered his son one of his new magic bait which he gracefully declined. Once again just like the Pruitt brothers, I swallowed my pride and asked to use one of my younger brothers new Storm 360GT Search Bait. First cast with this bait and I land a 16inch bass, the 2nd cast I had a very hard strike but missed the hook up.

The sun cam out around 3 pm so we decided to take a break for lunch and charge our battery at the boat house. We brought our battery charger just in case battery ran low, due to reading one other fishing report for this lake and we didn't want to make the drive to Henderson to get another battery. It pays to read previous members fishing reports. While breaking for lunch we fished the docks for brim but was surprised to catch 1 1/2 lb. tilapia. These fish where a battle to catch on lite tackle. Of course, my brother landed a 4lb bass on his new 360 search bait.

We got back on the lake at 5 pm and I picked up a few more bass with this 360 search bait and my brother picked up several more as well. My nephew caught the last bass that was 3 lb. We caught fish all over the lake using one or two lures. What didn't work: the pink senko, fluke or any soft plastics with black and blue flakes. The only bait that consistently produced was the 360 search bait. We ended the day with harvesting 28 bass and released 15 more over 16 inches.

The weather started out in the low 50's and ended in the mid 70's, we didn't catch anything on top water but we did have a few blow ups on frogs. Very nice property, really hate lodging is no longer available, it would have been a great place to spend the weekend. We will be back and yes, I'm going to purchase some of the Storm 360 GT Search Bait and get rid of my other swim baits that did not produce. The only bait that consistently produced was the 360 search bait.