Post Oak: Great Day on a Beautiful Lake – 10/19

Oct 21 2019

Kevin Giblin


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Took my wife and son fishing on Saturday. Only fished a total of 3 hours (10AM-1PM) and caught 20. It was still overcast/foggy for first 30 minutes on the water and ended up picking up several near the bridge using Chrome/Blue Redfins as the bass were chasing bait to the surface. Then focused on the stump field for a while and picked up several using crankbaits.  Largest fish came from the stumps, it went an estimated 5+ lbs. but forgot scale at home. Most remaining fish came from the area by the Dam using same style crank bait, even caught 2 at a time, always fun!

Majority of fish were between 16” and 18” and looked to be 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and healthy.  Did catch a couple about 12” or so, they were considerably thinner.  All fish were returned to the lake.   

Lake was easy to fish as there is not much vegetation and using baits with treble hooks was not a problem. The big stable pontoon boat was also a big plus for my group, made it much easier to fish. Only advice, bring a fairly strong trolling motor and a good battery. My 30lb thrust was not quite up to the task to adequately handle the big boat and passengers once the wind picked up.