Yates Place

Nov 04 2019

John Jones


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I fished the beautiful Yates Place with my father on Saturday. We got on the water after a short conversation with Mr. Yates about 7:30. The air temperature was 38 with the water temperature at 55 degrees. We started fishing immediately around the dock. My dads third cast and he nails a 6.8 fattie! Caffiene shad! Of course i tied one on! To our surprise, there wasn't much action after that. We caught 3 smaller fish that we left in the box on the dock. I did catch a nice 4.9 around 10:00 but that was it. Every fish that we caught besides my dads first were caught on red shad senkos. The afternoon was slow. My dad did lose one that looked big! Snapped his line in the middle. He was fishing a heavy rod and that thing was bent over!!! He thinks it would have gone 8 or 9. We plan on coming back in the Spring!

The boat is nice, however we did run out of juice at one point and i had to paddle us back to the dock. Guess i needed some exercise! Mr Yates was right there to help us get another battery installed and back to fishing.

A great day with my father on a beautiful property! Thanks PWF!!

Nov 04 2019

Marc Perry


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Any day on Yates Places is a good day. I am glad yall caught a few big ones. I went in the heat of the summer and found the fish will feed on the shad and minnows around the edges and shallows and in the afternoon there will be hardly any top water action. I was thinking they got full from feeding on the shad and minnows. Do yourself a favor when you go back, stay a few night in the guest house. I promise you wont regret it, especially when you are done fishing. BBQ a few steaks with some grilled veggies and eat them on the back porch while enjoying the view of the lake and looking up at the stars when it is dark. Life does not get better than that. Good Luck next time. I am getting ready to make another trip before it gets to cold.