Malouf Lake 11-3-2019

Nov 04 2019

Chris Haller

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Son and I hit Malouf Lake on Sunday, November 3rd.

Beautiful day but windy (Gusty SE).  Water was about 4' low and was almost emerald green with about 5 ft of visibility.  Lots of submerged grass.  I typically don't like water that clear as it makes fishing harder for me with soft plastics which I like to drag around.

Got on the water around 11:00 am and went to our deep honey hole which is a hump/drop off directly out from the ramp in a about 20 ft of water with some submerged trees scattered around it.  Tried drop shot and carolina rig with flukes with no luck.  We decided to go pound the banks with shad square bills and get some relief from the wind.  Started on the west bank just south of the boat ramp and immediately started connecting on scrappy 2 lb bass.  Worked the standing timber and picked up a couple of dinks.  For as fishy looking as that timber is, we have never had much luck in those trees.  Moved up to the south end of the lake and and stuck with the square bill pattern and continued catching 2 lbers.  Son lost a decent fish up there with a 4.8' keitech swim bait.  Moved to the east bank around the little fingers and continued catching bass, again mostly 2lb class fish.  I lost another decent one in the grass when he buried me and my line snapped.  Finished before dark with a Pop R and Whopper Plopper and caught a few that way with several missed hookups.

All in all, a good day.  I don't keep good track of numbers but I guess we had around 30 fish for the day from dinks up to 2.5lbs.  No big ones but the action was great and out of those 30, I would guess 25 were around the 1.5 lb to 2 lb mark .  Shad squarebill accounted for most of the fish with 1 or so each on a swim bait, chatterbait and senko.  The water was so clear we could see bass cruising around all over the place and several times had bass flash out near the boat and take a swipe at our squarebills.

Also, not sure how others fish but we rarely anchor up and prefer to drift.  We employ a drift sock to slow us down.  I tie it off to the rear boat handle on the club boats.  Helps a ton on those windy days.  You pick them up at Academy.