A Bakers Dozen at Old Oaks - PM 11/4/19

Nov 05 2019

Bob Scheidemann

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Spent a fine afternoon at a favorite small tank close to home. Caught 13 from my kayak primarily pitching to the bank using a Junebug colored Z Craw (took a page out of the Pruitt's playbook). Most productive areas were found along the dam, the island and the upper end of the tank which sported a few aquatic weeds. Couldn't find the big girls yesterday…nothing bigger than 19" with a couple of dinks during the session. The dinks were actually caught on a sara spook jr topwater presentation (both black and bone colored) at the end of the day. A white/chartreuse chatterbait with a shad colored paddle tail also yielded 2 bass. Nothing else garnered a bite (sq bills, spinners, senkos, underspins, lipless cranks or flukes).

Water a bit clearer (1 - 1.5ft) than the last time I fished here. Just a nice day to be out on the water!

Note that the Pelican bass boat now appears to be cleaned up and usable….just bring your own seats as the ones that were originally with this boat are missing. You might want to bring paddle as well.