Slow wet day at Spence

Nov 06 2019

Stephen Conover


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Reservation Number : 22418
Property Name : Spence Lake
Reservation Date : 11/05/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 23
Lures Used : Swim baits; chatterbaits

Damita and I fished Spence in an off and on rain from 12:15-5:30.  Caught and removed 14 bass under 14".  A 16 inch bass was returned to the lake.  Damita, as usual, caught crappie with 7 keepers removed and one small crappie returned to the lake.

The bite was sporadic and nothing big at all.  The water is exceptionally clear and the vegetation is at a minimum.  We used our own boat and launched from the bank without a problem  Did not even need 4wd to get the boat and trailer out of the lake.