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Nov 07 2019 #1

Al Burns


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

Enjoyable Day at Hickory Creek

Fished the main lake at Hickory Creek with my son on the 6th of November. Sunny skies all day with a light wind. Caught 67 bass of which we culled 46. This was my third time fishing this lake over the past year and I couldn't help but notice the fish that were over 14 inches in size seemed to be well on their way to becoming very healthy. All the bass that were returned were in the 16 -17 inch category and very well fed. It appears the culling effort has had a very positive impact on this lake. Almost all of the bass were caught on drop shot rigs with 5 to 8 inch Z Man baits. Also caught 9 very large Crappie. It was a great day. 



Nov 07 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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Correct Harvest does work. And this lake has been turned around. Two years ago, 98 out of 100 fish were smaller than 14". Today that number is likely about 2/3 out of 100 are smaller. That may not seem huge, but the difference between a 13" bass and a 16" bass is double in weight. This is HUGE.

Thanks to all who participate in harvesting on lakes that we request. 




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