Good Fishing Before The Front Blows In

Nov 07 2019

Larry Jordan


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It's rare that I time the weather right, but yesterday, Nov. 6 worked out pretty well. My wife and I fished Martins Mill from 10:00 till 4:00 and caught a total of 8 with the biggest at 3.7 and the rest around 2+. Of the total, Becky caught the most, (6), and the biggest, (3.7).  May have to leave her at home next time!  Not really. This is not the first time she has out-fished me, and likely won't be the last. It was a great day weather-wise, with cloudy skies, light wind, and water temp at 61 degrees. Just a great day on the water at a great place to fish! I had as much fun seeing my wife catch fish as I do catching them myself. Well, almost.  Red shad, 7 inch worms were the ticket. We caught every fish off a brush pile or one lay-down log. Nothing on the banks at all. The bigger fish are there, but didn't find them this time.  The rain, wind, and cold this morning reminded me to be grateful that we picked yesterday and not today to go fishing!