Bad Weather, Great Fishing

Nov 07 2019

Ray Giordano


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Reservation Number : 22402
Property Name : JerMar Lake
Reservation Date : 11/05/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30 <4lbs
Lures Used : bladed jig, crankbait, texas rig

Worst weather day I've fished at this great property.  Overcast, cold, drizzle, windy. The water was up the highest I've seen it, back up 2-3 feet from it's previous low.  I figured the fishing will be tough.  I didn't even get out early, rolled in around 8am.  Still easy to access when wet, all gravel entry road.

Launched the boat and tried fishing deep again, nothing.  Scoped it out on sonar, nada.  Fished all the way to the back of the lake, fighting the wind and cold, casting over weeded areas, up shallow, dragging deep, nothing.  I figured I'd turn in early, I've caught plenty there and it's earned a day to "skunk" me.  As I'm loading up at the dock, I figure I could cast some from there before leaving because you know how that goes...gotta get in a few farewell casts. 

I then proceeded to catch ~30 bass in quick succession from the dock and the surrounding banks, in the most productive few hours I've ever fished for bass.  They started busting water about 5 feet out...any cast on that produced a fish too.  Found a few pockets, each with 8 or so fish.   A few nice 4lbs and a mixed bunch of sizes.  Crimped hook barbs halfway through...much faster to unhook and it didn't make a difference.  Thumb battered from all those sandpaper teeth, had a few hooks in the hand..cold, windy, dirzzle, and more fish than I knew what to do with.  It finally slowed after an hour or two.  Good fun.