Saturday, Nov 9th - Bennett, Grapeland (they were chasing shad)

Nov 11 2019

Mark Daugherty


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Reservation Number : 22436
Property Name : Bennett Lake
Reservation Date : 11/09/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 43 / up to 4lbs 6oz
Lures Used : jerkbait and lipless

Wife and I fished Bennett on Saturday from about 9:00 to 5:00 under cloudless, glassy-calm conditions.  Water temps up to 62* with excellent color and about 30-36'' viz.  Lake level seemed about "normal".  The vegetation in a good portion of the lake is dying back which presented a challenge in that you cannot rip a lure through it - it simply comes apart and gets trapped on your lure - any kind of lure.  Well, turns out that the bass were feeding up on the shad in the open water anyway.  So, chasing the shad and ripping a jerkbait through the shad balls or letting a lipless bottom hop below them was very productive.  We landed 43 with 9 being harvesting and the rest were mostly in the 2 1/2 lb class with a few 3's and one at 4lb 6oz.  What was especially cool was that both Pam and I had "doubles" on a jerkbait.  On mine, I was fighting a 2lber, and I then see that a much larger fish (4lb 6oz) swept in to join the fight and latched on to the jerkbait as well - very exciting.  Thankful to PWF and the property owner for the privilege to fish Bennett.  Blessed!