Saturday – Bright & Sunny with Calm Wind

Nov 11 2019

Kevin Giblin


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Took a friend to Post Oak, fished from 10:30-4:00.  Was hoping for light winds but they may have been a little too light as the lake was slick as glass all day possibly limiting our success. Largest fish went just shy of 3 ½ lbs., most were in the 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 lb. range. Caught 24 total.  Water visibility was about 9 to 12 inches.   

As soon as we stepped out of the truck and started unloading gear at the boat ramp an Osprey came out of nowhere and slammed into the water about 15’ from us. It was truly a beautiful sight as it made a huge splash and re-emerged with a 10” fish.  It then flew directly toward the dam before dropping the fish on the surface, fish was stunned for about 5 minutes and then swam off.

In contrast to my last trip to Post Oak a few weeks back none of the places I caught fish from last time resulted in fish this time.  Zero by the dam, none out of the stump field for us using crank baits, instead all fish came from a small section of lake on the other side of the bridge.  Water may have been a little warmer back there, the bass were concentrated near the back corner by the barbed wire fence and were chasing bait to the surface.  KVD spinnerbaits with silver and gold willow leaf blades were the ticket. Every fish was caught on this type lure.

Also brought along a 50lb thrust trolling motor for the pontoon boat this time instead of a 30, worked like a champ especially with no wind to deal with.  All in all, another great day on the water!

Nov 12 2019

Steve Alexander


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I'm glad you caught them. Your right a 30 lb trolling motor is a struggle. We recommend 40lb minimum and 50 to 55 lb even better.