First trip to Valley Mills - Live Oak

Nov 12 2019

Keith Barfield


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Reservation Number : 22462
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 11/10/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13, 10 harvested
Lures Used : Soft plastics, topwaters, & chatterbaits

I fished from 11 - 5:30 on Sunday, Nov. 10.  Fish caught on Blue black WWW senkos, TR gr. pumpkin baby brush hog, & 1 each on a white fluke and chatterbait.  Largest was about 16 inches caught on senko near beaver dam on northwest side.  Nothing on topwaters.

Crystal clear water for the most part.  Grass not bad on top, though thick on the bottom in most areas.  Appeared to be about 3 feet low.

I met the friendly owners on the way out who said another member fished there on Saturday.  Another nice property for the PWF portfolio!

I passed 2 deer grazing next to the road on the drive back home.  Be careful out there!