Lakeside 11/16/19

Nov 17 2019

Greg Zimmerman


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Reservation Number : 22268
Property Name : Lake Side
Reservation Date : 11/16/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 LMB
Lures Used : Shakey Head; square bill; chatterbait

I fished Lakeside on 11/16/19, from noon to 4:30.  Water temperature was 49.7 at noon, rising to about 51 - 52 at 3pm.  Challenging conditions today, post-cold front, with the water temperature having dropped about 7-8 degrees in the last week.  I caught six total today with no culls.  I caught a 3, 4.5 and a 2.5 between noon - 3pm on a finesse shakey head in deep water (10-15 feet) as I waited for the sun to warm the water.  I also threw an A-Rig and a big swimbait for about an hour in this time period with no luck.  Once it hit 3:00pm, I went shallow with the squarebill and chatterbait, catching a relatively long 7.7 (24 inches), 3.9 and 2.5lber in quick succession, all in four feet or less.  Once the clock hit 4:30pm, with the sun fading, the water temperature started to cool again, and I was done for the day.  I caught the 7.7 in about 4 feet of water depth, about 6 feet parallel to the shore, on a squarebill.  The bass were cold and lethargic, as you would expect, with a very light bite and little fight, but the 7.7 put forth a good effort, surfacing twice and then driving itself into the muddy shore, before I got it in the net.


Nov 18 2019

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the ALWAYS thorough reports with Pics. Much appreciated!!!