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Nov 18 2019 #1

Jim Bennett

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Property :
Hidden Springs Ranch, Laneville

Frosty morning, sleepy fish

Reservation Number : 22478
Property Name : Hidden Springs Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/17/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 at 16-17", 3 at <14" culls
Lures Used : whopper plop, swim jig.

Sam and I fished Hidden Springs for the first time on Sunday. Very nice property with first class facilities.  After a great day before at Bennett, we had high hopes for this adventure.  

Catching was slow in the frosty morning, I think the fish were chilly and just not hungry. After the sun got up we started catching a few near shore on poppers. We tried swim jigs near bottom, but it was pretty slow, we did catch a couple that way but most were on poppers near the warmer sunny west bank.  We wound up landing 9 fish total, 6 released were 3-4 lbs, and only 3 culls <14".

The owner Randy came down chatted and with us. Very nice fellow.  He explained our average catch size was far better than past years, as they have been culling 500-700 bass per year, plus adding tilapia.  The process seems to be working.

Unfortunately, our trip got cut short just after lunch, as I got a call that my mom had fallen and broken her hip.  That resulted in a loadup and quick trip to Mother Frances in Tyler.  She is in surgery today getting a new hip.  Hopefully, she will be fine in a few weeks. 

Sam with one of six 3 lb:

Nov 18 2019 #2

Danny Renfro

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I really wish we were able to lodge here.  I think we used to be able to at one time.


Nov 18 2019 #3

Steve Alexander


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Me too, Danny. Great lodging while it lasted. In the meantime we get to enjoy one of the most scenic lakes in the club. The fishing is drastically improved over the last 5 years with over 50% of the fish are now overs with dozens and dozens of fish caught over 5 lbs this year. I personally was in the boat where 3 of us caught 7 fish over 6 lbs in 2 hours in the Spring of 2017; including a 9.2 caught by the late Ray Sasser. I miss that guy. 


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