JerMar 11/17/19

Nov 18 2019

Harrison Papaila


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Reservation Number : 22492
Property Name : JerMar Lake
Reservation Date : 11/17/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12
Lures Used : squarebill/fluke/senko

Fished Jermar from about 1:30 to 5 on Sunday. Launched my boat in the big pond under clear skies with little to no wind, which was a nice change from the standard windy day at Jermar. The water is crystal clear with moderate vegetation. I had probably 10 bass halfheartedly/curiously follow my lure (squarebill/blade/chatter) up until they caught a glimpse of my boat. They were having a hard time committing. I did get to see a couple strikes, which was really neat. Easy to set the hook when you know precisely when they're going to strike. 3 culled at the big pond, one returned. The wind started blowing a bit as I was loading up. 

I stopped at the "Bream Pond" on my way out. I didn't see any bream, but did harvest 8 bass in about 20 minutes. All on green pumpkin senkos.  For you waterfowlers, I didn't see any ducks, but did see a single Canadian and what appeared to be a large flock of snows take off upon arrival.