Lee Lake

Nov 25 2019

robert williams


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Reservation Number : 22535
Property Name : Lee Lake
Reservation Date : 11/24/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9
Lures Used : plastic and spinnerbait

9 fish over four hours, noon to 4 pm. Air temp 70+. Blue bird skies. Wind calm to 15+ gust.  Water Temp 61 degrees clear to stained. Caught 3lb on chartruse spinnerbait buzzed quickly across submerged grassy areas.  Others, couple of 3lb+ to an average of 1.5lb, caught in 6 feet of water on texas rigged, dark color, short and fat plastic. Takes ranged from slight to hard. Stumpy area close to pier was most productive. All caught were above minimum length limit.

Lake level down 4-5 feet. Nice caliche boat ramp well out of water. Launched 17ft fiberglass boat with ease. Two wheel drive pickup left deep ruts at waters end of ramp to pull boat/trailer out of water. Not experienced enough to know if this was an extension of my lucky day.