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Nov 25 2019 #1

Harrison Papaila


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Property :
Five Finger Springs, Wills Point

Lots of Action at New Property

Reservation Number : 22520
Property Name : Five Finger Springs
Reservation Date : 11/24/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 37 up to 2.7lbs
Lures Used : jigs, chatterbaits, sqbill, shadrap, senko, shaky head, flukes, lipless cranks

Fished Five Finger Springs with fellow member Greg Zimmerman on Sunday. The drive from Dallas was a breeze. We didn't rush due to the colder weather in the morning and arrived at 10:45. Within the first couple minutes we had caught a couple bass from the improved boat ramp area with jigs. We launched the boat and had steady action all day. We had success with almost every presentation. The most productive lures were probably jigs, squarebills, and chatterbaits, but we also caught them on shaky heads, wacky/weightless senkos, flukes, shadraps and lipless crankbaits. The fish were feeding aggressively, with several bass striking a lure for a second time after a failed strike or hook set.

The property is very unique. The widest part of the pond is under 75 yards across, and the deepest water we found was around 13 feet, but the structure was unlike anything I've seen at PWF lakes. Several humps, one deep channel, tons of rock, and the river-like shape of the pond kept things interesting.

The water was clear (55-57 degrees) and had little vegetation. We caught several in the trees that were recently cut and dumped in around the banks (thanks Cole). 

As for the bass, we culled 22 and returned about 15, with the largest going 2.7 lbs.  I think this property has great potential to grow some larger bass with culling/management, but is certainly worth the short trip to get some numbers in a unique setting. The bass were scrappy and fought above their weight. Many had full bellies, and only a couple seemed a bit light for their length. 

Great addition to the club!

Nov 25 2019 #2

Harrison Papaila


Member Since : 2019
Number of Posts : 38

pics show the fat bellies and health of the bass


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