Breezy day at Bennett

Nov 26 2019

Ron Dupree


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Reservation Number : 22547
Property Name : Bennett Lake
Reservation Date : 11/25/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17
Lures Used : plastics, chatterbait

John Shepard and I arrived at Bennett Lake around 9 Am on 11/25. Weather was sunny and breezy with some gusts that made controlling the boat difficult. We started on the point across from the house with no bites and moved around until we finally got a clue. Up until this point there was virtually no activity on the water other than an occasional turtle popping his head up to check things out. Finally after about 2 hours of fishing all of our proven spots, i just happen to catch a blowup on the point right in front of the house. We quickly moved into position and I threw a wacky worm in front of the vegetation and John threw a chatterbait, we got bit. We ended the day at 5 pm with a total 17 nice healthy bass avg 2-3 lbs  and largest close to 4 lbs. There were no culls. All in all a good day to be on the water with a good friend.

Water temp was ~ 57 deg when we started and ~60 when we finished. Water clarity still good.