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Feb 03 2020 #1

Mark Wheelock


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Gallant Elm Creek Ranch, Medina

Great day of fishing

Reservation Number : 22916
Property Name : Gallant Elm Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/02/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 22 ranging from 8" to 13"
Lures Used : green beetle spins

The boys and I had a great day of fishing today.  The lake is down four or five feet from its full level of mid 2019, but the water and lake are still beautiful.  The weather was 75 and sunny with a little breeze and the fish were hitting silver bladed green and black beetle spins and also a back bodied chartreuse tail curly jig on the same silver spinner.  They have always responded well to crankbaits, but they weren't really hitting them today.  I'm sure the bigger ones weren't interested in our little lures, but the ones we caught were hitting hard.  They boys had a ball as always, and it sure makes it fun seeing the smiles on their faces.  Can't say enough good about this lake if you need to entertain young fishermen or women.

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