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Mar 09 2020 #1

Mark Daugherty

Slot Fish

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Property :
Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake, Henderson

Saturday, Mar 7th - DLE-East, Henderson (challenging, sporadic but two good ones)

Reservation Number : 23026
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake
Reservation Date : 03/07/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 up to 7lbs 14oz / 8 harvested
Lures Used : t-rig z-craw, paddletail swimbait

Wife and I fished DLE-East on Saturday under breezy, partly cloudy skies with temps in the 50s to low 60s. Lake was full to overflowing at 58* with 12'' of viz.  Catching was challenging and sporadic but DLE delivered with two beauties; one for me at 7-14 and one for Pam at 7-9.  Also, landed 3 in the 2lb class and 8 unders.  Caught the big ones one a green pumpkin t-rig z-craw and a bluegill flash paddletail swimbait.  The remainder were on the same baits with one additional on an underspin with white paddletail.  The big ones put on classic battles with head thrashes and multiple around the boat and under the boat surges.  So much fun - and my PB by the way!

Had a nice chat with Rocky - I really appreciate that he is genuinely interested in how your outing is going.  Wonderful property with beauty, wildlife, solid-stable boat, etc.  DLE may not (or it may) put out numbers, but with patience you can be rewarded with a big, strong beauty.

Here's a couple of pics.  I hooked mine way back in the tongue/throat and it bled a little, we got her back in the water ASAP and she strutted off just fine.  Thanks again PWF! 


Mar 09 2020 #2

Cole Porter


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Congratulations catching some real trophies!


The pictures turned out wonderful, you could frame those!


Mar 23 2020 #3

Mike Mehlmann


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Great pics and post Mark.  Looks like a super enjoyable day for both of you



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