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Mar 29 2020 #1

Mark Daugherty

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Lee Lake, Hamilton

Saturday, Mar 28th - Lee Lake, Hamilton (wind, grass, numbers of bass)

Reservation Number : 23461
Property Name : Lee Lake
Reservation Date : 03/28/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 90 / up 3.6 lbs
Lures Used : Ned Rig, Sft Jerkbait, Sft Stickbait, Paddletail Swimbait on Underspin

Wife, son, and I fished Lee Lake on Saturday.  Arrived to lots of local lightning and light rain and very high winds so had to sit out in the 4Runner.  The winds sustained the whole day until about 6PM then lightened to a perfect light breeze for a little while.  Lake is full, but very clear - forget to really check the viz, but clearer than I had anticipated.  Water temp was 68* and the submerged grass is pretty much everywhere except the deepest water near the dam.  We had a blast landing 90 bass and 4 fat (fat) bluegill.  Of the 90, we harvested 26 - encouragingly almost all of those were very close to, or right at 14''.  The released bass were 1.5 to 2.75 and then the 3.6.  They were all spawned out (presumably; no bellies and no eggs in the harvested ones) and they were all pretty thin.  Whatever you threw pretty much had to float above the grass or just rest into it (i.e. weightless).  Watermelon, green pumpkin, and craw colors worked for the Ned and plastics.  The med-spinning tackle made fighting the hungry bass a ton of fun.  Blessed to be able to spend the day this way considering the challenges that we are all facing.

Oh, forgot to say, that we all 3 caught bass at the same cast which was a lot of fun - AND, don't think I've ever done this before...we each landed one on our LAST casts and called it a day.

Mar 30 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Great report. And thanks for following the guidlines. Much appreciated. When in doubt go ahead and harvest. We need lots of fish taking out. But 90 fish is insane.

That is one fat Red Ear Sunfish!




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